My oven caught on fire the other day {I know} so I’ve had to deviate from the chili, sweet potatoes, and other healthy, harvesty meals I’ve had planned. I never did get around to posting the signature chopped salmon salad I made all through the summer, so I’m sharing today’s We Have Food At Home variation . . .

As a base, I chopped a few field & spinach greens and the remaining halves of green bell pepper and tomato I had been hacking at all week. In addition to the left-over smoked salmon and last helping of pecans, I added in chopped carrots and raisins. To season and dress, I tossed the salad in salt, pepper, a generous dollop of goat milk yogurt, the juice of one lime, and a couple shakes of chili + lime seasoning. As pictured, I also added some blue-corn tortilla chips for additional crunch and good measure.

Something about the smoked salmon flavor with lime and fresh bell-pepper was particularly delectable. Praise God who blesses my food and water and removes all sickness from my midst {Exodus 23:25}.

take heart,


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