I tend to have existential moments when I’m sitting in traffic at dusk. What are we doing here? On this beautiful, not-forsaken planet?

. . . these colors, this sky . . .

My hair and makeup turned out really nicely and I looked good in my blazer so I ran twelve errands today, just to feel seen.

Most people I meet these days think I’m six-to-ten years younger. I’ll take it on looks, but it doesn’t help with feeling un-established.

God repeats with me. He gives me unexpected familiarities and He has truly become the stability of my times {Isaiah 33}. He is my home when I feel I have no other, and when I do . . . equally pronounced.

I sat at this Panera to fill awkward time three years ago between work and Bible Study Fellowship. I studied for my Real Estate pre-licensing class at this Panera during the most hectic summer of my life. And here I sit tonight on the other side of licensing and two firms later. And He sits with me. More than once in my life, I have found myself prayer-walking or prayer-driving past a place in the spirit and ‘ended’ up living or working there months later . . . to my surprise and usually in stretching seasons. When I thought or hoped I was headed in a different direction.

As I’ve been training with my brokerage firm, I’ve been thinking about the mulberry bush I rounded to get here, and how intentional and brilliant God’s care of and preparation for me have been. Every job I’ve had has honed or highlighted a skill or gifting that will serve me well in my career as a REALTOR®. As will the insights I’ve gained regarding the pace of my life, and the reality that every season and each endeavor will require effort and faith and energy.

Emotional energy. Energy with which I am increasingly equipped. The Lord maintains my cause as each day requires.

take heart,
Rebekah The Broker


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