Prioritizing the food I have at home lately has resulted in some scrumptious combos that I have a mind to keep in rotation for the time being. Honorary mentions include picking up a pack of Trader Joe’s ciabatta rolls and pre-blessed grilled chicken to go with my leftover pumpkin soup, and pairing said ciabatta rolls with garlic humus and tusli ashwangandha tea.

A surprising favorite has been pickled beet sandwiches. Given the season I’m in – sharing space and transitioning careers – I’ve been opting for pre-blessed pickled red beets as opposed to buying, chopping, oiling, and roasting the beets myself. For about the the same price as a bunch, my favorite grocery store offers a comparable amount of yummy beets that are ready to be tossed into salads, or paired with any combination of goat cheese, avocado, and/or tuna on sprouted bread . . .

bon appÉ-beet. ha. | take heart, R.

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