After October and following my birthday and a few weeks into staring at my twinkle-lit tree, Greg Laswell wafted across my Spotify and sang to me what I didn’t know I needed . . . I know you have a little life in you yet; I know you have a lot of strength left . . .

I have lived in those phrases for a little while on loop. I had forgotten that the joy of the Lord is my strength. And I get to choose it. I get to choose joy and stay strong. The life I have in me doesn’t have to be little.

This year has been so difficult, but good.

I have taken stock all along – periodically – which sometimes makes a recap feel redundant. But the difference comes, I think, in the emphasis . . . am I rehashing all the tears and stress I’ve lived through, or am I recounting God’s kindness and glory? Because ebenezers never get old.

I want to delight in the big and smaller things that God has sprinkled over me, like a low table next to the window by Caribou this morning, and a free-to-me pumpernickel bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and a decaf pour-over dark roast. Bless.

Let’s walk backwards . . .

I spent nearly a week in Nashville {photos forthcoming} to share Christmas with a friend I hadn’t seen in real life in a couple of years.

I celebrated the birth of King Jesus in a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual church service in Portuguese and Amharic and English and Spanish and Hindi and other languages I don’t remember.

I sang at the assisted living facility again for the first time in a while.

The Lord has sustained me physical and financially and emotionally.

I have grown. Enlarged on the inside and developed in maturity.

I attended my first {holiday} event as an officially inducted REALTOR®.

I discovered Wegman’s double chocolate cake at my birthday and it tastes exactly like the cakes my momma used to bake for me every birthday.

The Lord led me to *the* top Real Estate firm where I have been given the tools and coaching to not only thrive as an agent, but also enjoy the process and develop long-lasting friendships with other Realtors.

I got to spend a glorious weekend in the Mountains of North Carolina with new friends.

The Lord has led me beside literal still waters and restored my soul.

I discovered my friendly neighborhood Caribou and have enjoyed having a cozy place to sit and stare and sip and think and type and read my Surfer’s Journal.

What was lame in some friendships was not put out of joint, but rather healed.

The Lord miraculously provided for me to enroll in, complete, and pass my real estate pre-licensing course in the term I wanted at the school of my choice.

I have had the joy of church planting again.

I discovered the Fainting Goat Brewery and have been so blessed by their kindness, hospitality, and appreciation of my music. 😌

The Lord woke up deep layers of emotion that I didn’t know I was disconnected from.

The Lord allowed me to be the answer to my roommate’s prayer, and positioned me to move forward and make progress in my life both personally and professionally.

I savored my last days in the fully furnished OG Turf Shack with water colors and coffee crawls . . . unbeknowstingly on the cusp of color and emotion.

Heartbreak provided opportunity for me to humble myself before the Lord and receive so much more of His grace.

When this year was new I rang it in with party hats and potlucks and worship in a friend’s cozy den.

I still have three days left of 2021 in which to abide in His love and to rest in the midst of tempting overwhelmth . . . to literally move forward and lighten the load of some things. This year has a little life in it yet. I know I have a lot of strength left.

happy happy happy happy new year,


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