For months I’ve had little hints and whispers that I need to start writing again. It’s been surprisingly difficult; I didn’t realize how far I’d drifted from that bright and quiet corner in my soul. The one that sits and has the patience and faith to just let words fall out. Maybe I thought I was beyond it, or should be, or maybe I was right to have a season of something different.

But here we are again, me and My Creator who ransomed me with Blood and made a daughter out of me. I get to be the sister of The King.

I’ve had a thought come up in me again that drove me to old journals. I appreciate the digital format of soul-keeping because I can search for names and words and phrases.

I found somewhat what I was looking for . . . what I thought about this thought six years ago. And with it, some phrases that refreshed me all over again.

Without spilling secrets, here are some of the things I had to say.

What a wonder that my thoughts may spark inspiration for yours . . . what a wonder that we are all made from and connected by things which do not appear.

nectarous: extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant; 

i think songs have that kind of power. songs are like humans that way; existing in physical space with immortal, passionate, powerful souls. agents of change.

Bek in California

  • I pray that i would experience the love of Christ in waves like the ocean, though it is too great to understand fully;

there is a way to think about things that doesn’t always have to sting. 

take heart,


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