Damion & Sparkle Seafarer, gardening in the courtyard of their coastal home.

At this stage in my game-play, I am several generations into the Sims I started out having grand plans for. My plans are relaxed in favor of what they have in ‘mind,’ {aka dashboard}. After her first two daughters, Casa Luz & Gemma became adults, and her teenage son, Boe, left for Academie Le Space Station University, Sparkle Seafarer desired that she and her husband Damion have another baby. Enter, Azule . . .

Azule inherited her older brother Boe’s blue room, and her mom’s hue and hairstyle. Since she’s still a Smildren {ha}, I’m not yet aware of her life aspiration. However, Azule has so far demonstrated aptitude for strategy, athleticism, and swimming.

One of the fun aspects of having randomly chosen Azule as the simstory to consistently blog about from childhood is that she is related through her sister’s marriage to the middle son of one of the founding Pine Forest Jungle Island couples, Benni & Timothy Inland. Actually, both of her sisters are married to Inlands, but when I created the Seafarer family, the ‘main character’ so to speak was the eldest daughter, Casa Luz who is destined to be the first ‘Space Pirate’ on the island. For whatever reason, ‘Space Pirate’ has become a common aspiration for the sims who have knowledge aspirations, and has been integrated into the contextual backdrop of the island. A few iterations into seeing this randomly populated hope, I decided that the island was – itself – a space station of sorts. I’ve just gotten bored with climbing careers have have yet to have a sim actually achieve that. The majority of the islanders are intensely creative, with multiple ‘renown’ artists and musicians, galleries, and a concert hall. Since the Blend brothers were imported, the island is also known {by my imagination, ha} for its specialty Blend Brothers coffee shops.

Azule’s mom has once again desired to have another baby, which will soon make Azule the fourth of five smildren.

But back to Azule’s eldest sister, Casa Luz . . .

Benni & Timothy Inland and their 3 sons, listed in completely random birth order, ha. Alan {youngest & adopted}, Benaiah {oldest & randomly sunburnt from a get-together}, and Ethan {middle son, married to Casa Luz Seafarer}

As you can see, Casa Luz & Ethan’s property is perfectly outfitted to fuel Casa Luz’s exploration adventures. The property features a second structure that serves as Casa Luz’s training facility. Ethan’s life aspiration {formerly mentioned in this post} is to be a Business Tycoon. Along with Jason Asher and Montaine Blend {married to Tómas, the entrepreneurial Blend brother}, Ethan rounds out the Pine Forest Jungle Island Space Exploration board of financial advisors. I randomly discovered that sims can earn a skill point just from drinking a glass of home-grown eggplant juice! So in addition the apple tree and cucumbers, eggplants are an essential in Ethan & Casa Luz’s garden.

Casa Luz still lived at home when Azule was born, and ended up being her some-what primary care-taker which resulted in a strong sibling bond. Will Azule follow in the footsteps of her unconventionally genius father, Damion Seafarer; protect the peace and prosperity of the island like her law-enforcing mother, Sparkle; join the ranks of space exploration with her sister Casa Luz, or be lured by the artisanal atmosphere that has wafted through the island for generations of Inland, Blend, and Sttymaker sims?

The Sims is decidedly not my top priority, so it will take some time to tell . . . stay tuned . . . lol.


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