This week I realized that I have {still} been trying to earn a light load and a lifestyle of glorious rest and resplendence . . . attempting to justify my deepest desires with tirelessly counter-productive inner-effort. But a light life and resplendence are my newbirth right. They are gifts that have been given to me by grace through faith in the finished work and covenant blood of King Jesus. God’s original will for us was not toil. It was the pleasurable employment of receiving seed and cultivation and craftsmanship in full fellowship with Him and each other . . . and without all the janky things like junk mail and car payments that take up so much of our energy; squelching inspiration and keeping us weighed down and distracted. Also true is the fact that there are people on the planet right this very moment who have never known the concern of car payments and have never made a single calculation at a gas pump or in a grocery store aisle.

this much i know, there’s nothing we can do –
the fable is we earn and work until we prove
the safety of our righteousness
the weight of this is always stress

Jesus My Righteousness, John Mark Pantana

The glory that Adam gave away never went anywhere – we just lost access to it. Lesser forms of it are presently enjoyed by people all over the world, many of whom believe themselves to be fully and unapologetically entitled. What an ironically wasteful tragedy it would be to let the curse and insecurities that I have been delivered from keep me from enjoying the abundant blessings of sonship and being shepherded well . . . Jesus has already paid for my entry back into the resplendence for which I was originally created. I’d be a fool to leave the tickets just sitting on the table for fear of people who don’t yet see or have chosen not to believe that the tickets are legitimate . . . holding my breath and refusing to rest; entirely too attached to ‘perks’ and free stuff as a means of balancing out any perception of embezzled abundance while I still owe the federal savings bank and the credit union and taxes and relatives. The second layer of irony is that until I put both feet into believing that God’s will for me is to have more than enough, these bills and loans and personal extensions are not finna get paid. James explains that we can’t receive by faith what we’re unsure about.

God is not cruel; He has not given me a task while refusing me the tools to accomplish it. And. My life and history have been affected by the curse and by choices. Ignorance and arrogance and missing it. But. Even greater is God’s wonderful grace and His gift of righteousness. For all who receive it will live {on earth} in triumph over sin and death through this one man, Jesus Christ. As He is, so am I in this world . . . on earth as it is in heaven. Bless.

These good revelations are changing my life. //

2 responses to “perks and free stuff”

  1. This!

    I am guilty of believing I don’t work hard enough to enjoy life and take breaks and do fun things while in the same breath telling others God did not put me here just to work tirelessly until I die. I’m a hypocrite, I’m learning. Why do I feel guilty for not “hustling” the way others do? Why should I? I mean, there are obvious reasons (being able to fully support myself and leaving my parents’ home), but also, I’d be a fool to /choose/ (well, continue to choose) to put aside joy and ease for the sake of looking busy enough for others not to attach “lazy” to their description of me. I’ve worked very hard… at things that haven’t gotten me very far. I’m still having a difficult time believing in God’s will for me to have an abundant life without me having to work myself into the grave (or insanity) to experience it. There’s no good reason for me to not be enjoying life more freely right now. Thank you for the reminder!

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    • Thank you for sharing how you relate to these posts. 🙂 Becoming an artist is so much internal work; and so is learning to rest, ironically. Ha. It really is a paradox like the passage in Hebrews says . . . strive to enter the rest of God.

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