This week, I saw where I have let weaknesses become breaches . . . in my attitude and arrogance and in what I had to say about certain circumstances in the fourth quarter of last year. I was feeling victimized by the things that had happened, but can now see where I gave my ruthless enemy access.

. . . a foothold . . . an entry.

The resistance I sometimes feel toward singing and saying good things – particularly in seasons of significant transition – has become further corroboration to me that what we sing and what we say make a difference. The tail end of last year and the beginning of this one felt in some ways like stalling out of the sky. And now I see why.

. . . like ‘leads’ in the real estate industry – what we call ‘pipeline,’ the closings you do or don’t have today are the leads you did or didn’t pursue three months ago . . . and keep up with consistently. With respectful persistence.

What you have in your life is what you’ve been speaking from the abundance of your heart for the last however many weeks.

Driving back from Nashville and living through unexpected transitions, these songs were scattered across playlists; now archived together in summary of processing Q1 2022. {As a business lady, I see years differently now. ha.}. Not every song on this playlist is one I would recommend for seasons where your words are building pavers of faith; they’re simply 18 hours worth of the ones that helped me work through the associated emotions of my life as it was unfolding. As with everything, personal discretion {and parental guidance} advised. ツ


Wilder Adkins

  • how deep the father’s love for us
  • this is my Father’s world
  • dancing in the dark (ft. Molly Parden)
  • deliverance
  • colors (ft. Lovkn)

The National

  • so far so fast
  • i am easy to find
  • light years

Bishop Andrew Merrit

  • the Lord thy God (live)


  • wide place

Jess Ray

  • O Great Light
  • when i’m with You
  • humble heart
  • gallows

Jeremy Riddle

  • overwhelming
  • no fear in Your love
  • You deserve it all (live in anaheim, california)
  • know (be still) [live in anaheim, california]
  • more
  • stand in awe
  • full attention
  • hallowed Father << this.
  • it only gets stronger


  • breathe (benediction)
  • presence (my heart’s desire)

Loud Harp

  • always with you
  • it’s You
  • You found me
  • on solid ground
  • Your love never runs out
  • hold me together

The Rock Music

  • how long must i wait
  • peace I give


  • sheesh! (wiht Tai Verdes)
  • sunday best
  • take it easy

Gregory Alan Isakov

  • second chances

Michael Bublé

  • everything

David Lee Murphy & Kenny Chesney

  • everything’s gonna be alright

Boyz II Men

  • i will get there

Jordan Feliz

  • Jesus is coming back

Fruit Bats

  • a lingering love


  • wolf song
  • song for a friend
  • strawberries
  • fall, fall, fall

The Head And The Heart

  • people need a melody
  • brenda
  • living mirage
  • 10,000 weight in gold
  • cruel

Old Sea Brigade

  • did you think it was right

Josiah Johnson

  • woman in a man’s life
  • i wish i had
  • i had a choice
  • hey kid
  • same old brick
  • nobody knows

A Blaze of Feather

  • six years

The Revivalists

  • next to you

Eddie Berman

  • cherokee rose

Mat Kearney

  • don’t cry for me
  • ships in the night
  • where we gonna go from here

Chance The Rapper

  • angels (ft. Saba)

George Ezra

  • pretty shining people (honne remix)

Josh Garrels

  • exalt the Lord our God

Jonathan Ogden

  • You see
  • let me not wander
  • psalm 91
  • by the streams
  • slow down

Tim Godfrey

  • nara (ft. Travis Greene)

Free Worship

  • al que esta sentado en el trono (live)

Dunamis Music

  • porque Ele vive (w/ Victor Valente) [ao vive]
  • esperança (w/ Rapha Gonçalves)


  • colors
  • be enthroned
  • heaven come
  • lion and the lamb


  • you can’t save me

Fellowship Creative

  • beautiful

Greg Laswell

  • this woman’s work

Rebekkah The Band

  • light life
  • Lifter of my head
  • morning song (greatly loved)

Darwin Hobbs

  • cast all your cares

Wilder Woods

  • someday soon
  • supply & demand

Rachael Yamagata

  • falling in love again
  • saturday morning
  • keep going
  • let me be your girl (audiotree live version)
  • heavyweight
  • money fame thunder (audiotree live version)


  • goodbye kanan


  • figuring out
  • mausoleum

The Followers

  • morning star rise

The Ember Days

  • darling
  • seven


  • survive these seas
  • mercy shores

Hillsong Worship

  • made me glad
  • as it is (in heaven)[live]

Jars of Clay

  • inland

Ashes Remain

  • on my own

My Chemical Romance

  • welome to the black parade


  • hope will lead us on

Edge Kingsland

  • keep on leading
  • wairua tapu
  • praise the Lord/coda

The More Or The Less

  • the best (that you can do now)

Pepa Knight

  • clams

Kings of Leon

  • 100,000 people

Imaginary Cities

  • hummingbird

Mt. Joy

  • i’m your wreck
  • silver lining
  • mt. joy
  • younger days

Rhys Lewis

  • good people

Jeremy Loops

  • by the way (w/ Motheo Moleko)
  • ’til i found you
  • what would i know
  • flash floods
  • the shore (ft. Motheo Moleko)
  • gold

The Lumineers

  • dead sea

The Fossil Collective

  • i remember it now

Matthew Perryman Jones

  • i won’t let you down again

Chris Tomlin

  • power (ft. Bear Rinehart & NEEDTOBREATHE)

Peter Bjorn and John

  • music

Keri Hilson

  • pretty girl rock

The Eagle and Child

  • wonderful maker
  • water/brick

John Mark Pantana

  • all in all
  • by His stripes
  • let My love

Young Oceans

  • come Holy One
  • we sing as one
  • great is our God
  • i will be still
  • none but Thee
  • You are alive
  • nothing beside Jesus
  • Lord of all
  • hope of glory
  • come Holy One (ft. Leeland)
  • praise the Lord, ye heavens


  • amazing grace / nothing can separate

Marcellus Juvann

  • thin line (ft. Kaiydo)

Louis The Child

  • better not (ft. Wafia)
  • better not (acoustic)

Josh Rouse

  • julie (come out of the rain)
  • the happiness waltz
  • let the love in (bonus track)
  • the ocean
  • simple pleasure
  • our love
  • this movie’s way too long


  • stone throw
  • highway miles
  • sleeping giant
  • road noise
  • oh ca
  • nothing on you
  • fortyfive
  • haywire
  • wild moan
  • guilt free
  • revel
  • waiting
  • i won’t back down
  • gimme five
  • evergreen
  • day in day out
  • in unison
  • running interlude
  • whenever you’re around
  • ‘congratulations, you won’
  • i’d rather be blue
  • falling
  • colorway
  • touch down
  • ‘find someone who makes you happy
  • reach out
  • one day


  • ether


  • learning to breathe
  • let it happen
  • wonderful feeling
  • circles
  • i dare you to move
  • love is the movement
  • innocence again
  • playing for keeps
  • the economy of mercy
  • erosion
  • living is simple
  • always
  • meant to live
  • the beautiful letdown
  • twenty-four
  • new way to be human
  • holy water
  • the day that i found God
  • if the house burns down tonight
  • fading west
  • the edge of the earth
  • float

GMWA Women of Worship

  • order my steps in Your Word

Vineyard Worship

  • find my joy (ft. Ryan Delmore)
  • steadied & held (ft. Kathryn Scott)


  • Jesus loves me

Lord Huron

  • where did the time go
  • i lied

Katie Melua

  • your longing is gone

Matt Corby

  • all fired up

Citizen Cope

  • scared of heights

Taylor Swift

  • peace
  • this is me trying
  • the 1
  • the last great american dynasty
  • seven

Ryan Delmore

  • Shepherd of my soul

Los Hermanos

  • o vento

Scripture In Song

  • so come

Cattle & Cane

  • just the way you are
  • have you been in the wars again?

Zeo Worship

  • goodness of God (acoustic)

Ingrid Michaelson

  • keep breathing

Mary Mary

  • trouble ain’t

Katy Nichole

  • in Jesus’ Name (God of possible)

Robbie Seay Band

  • better days

Bryce Vine

  • love is a blessing
  • my holiday

Milky Chance

  • don’t let me down (ft. Jack Johnson)

Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, & Bruno Mars

  • young, wild & free

Ben Potter

  • kind (ft. Noah Paul Harrison)

The Dust of Men

  • what my heart beats for

Hillside Recording

  • promises

Josh White

  • awake
  • release the deep
  • beauty of simplicity


  • pilgrim


  • doxology (kā mele ho’omaika’i)

Emmanuel LIVE

  • hallelujah (God be praised) [ft. Nicole Serrano)


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