i’ve been thinking a lot lately about living by and in the spirit . . . aware of spiritual realities and sensitive to the ever-presence of the Holy Spirit . . . the beautiful, sweet, glorious friendship of God, and His powerful equipment.

Earlier today I was making mental note of an errand I needed to run. As I looped God into it {so to speak}, I felt impressed to go to a particular UPS Store. It wasn’t the first in the list of searched results, nor was it the closest. But the impression was gentle and familiar; so I made note to go to that location and went about the interim of my day. Once I got off of work I was slightly hungry but not super hungry . . . wanting something fresh and satisfying that I wouldn’t have to prepare. Over the years, I really have come to know the LORD as a friend and just put it out there in a candid prayer . . . I kind of want like a burger, but not like a burger, burger, but just a little something, You know what I’m talknbout?

And He did. He knew exactly what I was talknbout, ha.

Across the street from the shopping center with the UPS that I had felt led to go to was a fresh, green-fonted Shake Shack that had exactly what I wanted. A single patty made with fresh, simple ingredients and ice-cold water. There was also even a coffee shop that I had never heard of and am excited to try out in the next few weeks, and a restaurant called Chicken Salad Chick that my friend and fellow chicken-salad enthusiast are in the process of making plans for. God knew exactly what I was talknbout and delighted me with more than I had in mind for a quick early dinner on a Friday afternoon.

O how great is the love of God.


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