Thirty-plus is hitting different lately.

I’m sure in part because Ten Years Ago was my college graduation

… ten years ago, this weekend.
{Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂}

But also, other reasons … too much sugar for months on end, not enough exercise.

Being a business woman. Learning to rest.

… the timing of God.

All of a sudden, I’m six months away from 33.

thirty three.

small honey almond crafted press {iced} + ‘campfire’ cakepop
{a combined 22 g of sugar, which i think is fairly reasonable for a treat}

By the grace of God and to my own amusement,
I was store #306’s top producing Amy’s Blend sales woman this year.
I sold 21 pounds during the weeks of the competition, and 1 more yesterday –
I guess for good measure, ha.

I popped into the store on my day off the other day for the launch of summer menu items . . . iced honey almondmilk crafted press, a campfire cakepop,
and aesthetic sippy lids instead of straws …

After selling so much coffee,
I am more motivated to sell houses for people to drink it in, ha.

My Q2 goals include:
completing post-licensing
and relocating to just outside of Charlotte.

Both of which will honestly take a miracle.
but God has given miracles before.


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