Over the past week I perceieved that I may need to wrap up the simstory of Pine Forest Jungle Island {aka Pfji} and its adjacent Portetown to make room in my soul for other endeavors. That realization led to a thought train of time and purpose and culminations and closure. I thought about the end of all real-life things being at hand, and the imminent Wedding Feast In The Kingdom {of Heaven}, and considered that the final event in Pfji simstory could be a marriage between one of the 4th-generation smildren and their counterpart {who probably won’t technically be a 4th-gen just because of family trees}.

A few weeks ago, I chose Azule Seafarer as the simstory to document – even before I knew that I’d be returning this hobby to retirement. After a few more hours of gameplay, I have exciting updates to share, ha.

As it turns out, Azule’s aforementioned affinity for athletics and the ocean has blossomed into a ‘randomly’ generated life aspiration to pursue athletics. I air-quote randomly because I genuinely couldn’t choose it, but I know that God delights in every detail of my life, and probably dispatched an angel to jiggle the game’s algorithm to my heart’s delight. Ha. Here are a few photos of Azule aging from a child to a teenager:

Azule’s mom chatting about the baby Azule’s older sister just had. ☺️
Azule’s mom had a 5th baby – a brother named Waterman Seafarer.

With an athletic career as her aspiration, I enlisted the island’s acclaimed soccer/surf star Jack Mavericks to be Azule’s mentor and coach. Here she is training at the gym Jack and his wife, Ivy have next to their house, attending Jack’s becoming-an-elder birthday party, and having dinner with him and Ivy.

Benaiah Inland hungrily eyeing Jack’s plate, lol.

As of my last visit to Azule’s lot, she also secured an after-school job in the Athletics career track, so that was a fun happenstance.


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