Don’t You Care!? is a question distracted people ask . . . when we are looking at something besides – in addition to Jesus … Jesus and the situation we feel He’s not doing enough about. A few days ago, the Lord brought to my mind Martha and the disciples and Jesus’ cousin, John; and instances in which they became distracted in the presence of the Lord. {He was there, you know, He remembers the details, ha.}.

Storming the bottom of a turbulent sea-craft, the disciples asked – don’t You care that we are perishing!!?

From a lonely kitchen Martha accosted, don’t You care that I’m doing all the work to serve for You!?

And from behind a jail cell, John effectively inquires, don’t You care that I’m in jail?

And in every answer Jesus communicates to them that they are looking at the wrong thing.

We can’t just look to Jesus, we must behold Him. We must look at who He is and what He is doing.

Gazing at Him teaches us how to be human.

If we only look to Jesus, we run the risk of becoming offended when He doesn’t reply or respond when or in the way we think He should. When we look at Jesus, we learn how to overcome every circumstance; and equally as important, how to endure and be {at peace} in every circumstance. 

Is Jesus asleep in the storm? hm. All must be well, then.

Oh look, Jesus is teaching – let me sit and be still and pay attention.

The blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed. The deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor have good news preached to them. Look at Jesus’ ministry and you’ll see that He is – indeed – The Messiah.

In each of these instances, it was the people closest to Jesus – those who had the most intimate exposure to His humanity that had trouble seeing Him for who He entirely was. They fell into familiarity.

Having walked with God for a few years now, I find myself doing the same thing … and somehow still so underdeveloped in my sight of His flawless humanity.

I’m reading through Luke’s Gospel in June, and focusing my attention on Jesus as the perfect human and Savior – as emphasized in the notes & commentary of the New Living Translation.

Jesus is the perfect human.

Everything Jesus said and did was right. And it cost Him to live that way. It was not effortless. Having emptied Himself of His divinity, He was completely reliant on the same Holy Spirit that we have, and was constantly seeking the Father. Constantly pouring Himself out; constantly putting His flesh in submission to His Spirit. Having been born of a virgin and without sin, He was able to live the perfect human life that we never can. But He was human. He came to us as one of us to rescue us.

I have heard so, so much of His divinity; and in this season of my life I am increasingly in awe of His perfect humanity and my sheer inability to make the same claim.

Recently, I was feeling that somehow in seeing me as His own righteousness in Christ, God doesn’t see or remember that I am dust. But He knows what it is to be dust. He has grieved and He has mourned and He has sorrowed. He has tasted His own human tears. He has known the pressures of fleeting time, and the fleeting pressures of time. Still, Jesus chose to look at the Father when everyone deserted and failed Him, and when everything raged against Him.

And Jesus chose to look at me instead of the Cross. I am the joy that was set before Him that motivated Him to endure the agony. All He asks is that I spend my life looking at Him instead of my circumstances.

Scripture references:
Mark chapter 4
Luke chapters 1,4,5,6,7,8,10
Psalm 119:160
John chapters 5,12
Philippians 2
2 Corinthians 5
Hewbrews 12


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