All of my sims are rich. Their having essentially limitless resources brings me more delight and pleasure, and affords me greater ability to express my creativity through them. They still have challenges to overcome, skills to develop, and energetic resources to manage and replenish, but finances are not an issue for any of them.

Timber Cash Inland’s artsy cliff abode, ha.

In all honestly, after a certain threshold, ‘simoleans’ just become a number. Investing in the Pine Forest Jungle Island simstory from scratch and for generations has taught me a lot about wealth and accumulation. I started the game from a blank-slate community and created my own founding families with which to to begin building and populating the island. Even with the cheat-codes, it’s – in my estimation – impossible for the first-gen sims to have as rich a life as their smildren; but it really is a joyful thing to watch the smildren surpass them in wealth of all kinds.

also, you guys I have Benny back! 😄 And also, I found out he’s an aucuba! 🌿
Timber Cash Inland fresh out of college & painting a portrait of his fiancé, Patrice

For example, sims that are born into the game have the opportunity to begin developing their skills as early as toddler-hood, while adult sims that you make in the simulator start without any skills at all. So by the time a sim-kid grows up, they could already have a significant skill-set that affords them greater opportunities, and increased acceleration in career paths. After a certain level of success at university, the number of ‘desires’ a sim can have at one time increases so they literally have more opportunities for ‘happiness’ than their parents do.

A sim-kid with parents who already have a yard with garden plots and fruit trees can start young and be able to grow more nourishing produce by the time they’re teenagers, which – as I mentioned in a previous post – enhances the development of their other skills.

Filbert Young Blend, son of the island’s mayor, Francis Blend & acclaimed musician-turned best-selling author, Gracie Young

These examples are clearly cultural values that have been narrated into the game’s design, but what most strikes me is the wealth of relationships and soul-nourishment that young-adult smildren get to enjoy when they come from families that have been cultivated over time.

There really is more to wealth than money. More to it even than the development of skills, or experience in the sense of having done a job before, or having had exposure to a particular industry. The experiences and memories that the sims bank of moments together and goals achieved truly is the greater enjoyment. It’s been so satisfying to have older sims host the family for dinners, and to earn gratification points for elders as their children and grandchildren get married start families of their own.

More than just being rich in resources or opportunity, there is a richness of living that comes with being the sim of a sim of a sim who has gained and acquired and become over-time.


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