There are times when sophistication disrupts my simplicity. In the past few years I’ve realized that frustration creeps in when I am unable to maintain my own curated sense of ‘sophistication’. Sophistication has a way of overshadowing my sense of humor, which causes my humility to crumble. In contrast, maintaining a sense of humor and playfulness towards myself as I walk through the world significantly assists me in maintaining a posture of humility, which protects me from frustration, and helps me keep the faith.

if you wanna see the Kingdom,
become like a little child
and rest

‘Rest’ // John Mark Pantana
{the B-Sides version is really good, too}

I recently asked God for more personal insight on the way that He sees me, particularly as it pertains to me be(com)ing an artist.

Without my having mentioned it to her, one of my aunts sent me this photo of my probably 5-year old self:

When I sit at my computer strategizing the livelihoods and outcomes of virtual barbies on a simulated island I created, and as I lean over new songs and arrange them into an album, God sees the innocence and simplicity of a 5 year old enjoying her magna-doodle.

At rest and with nothing to prove.

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