I needed to see cows. And green open space between dense clusters of trees. Evidently, I needed miles of road between my heart and the pressures of adulting. In Victor Maymudes’ post-humously published collection of stories about life on the road with Bob Dylan, he conveys the band’s need for the same.

Thinking about the way I seem to need distance; I was momentarily concerned by the itch I sometimes get to just start over. I was questioning if a move further inland would actually accomplish what I have been convinced of, particularly once being ‘new’ wears off … and what if I’m still lonely? Being called to what other people can’t see, or can’t see yet, or can’t help you with is incredibly challenging. Incredibly refining. So when you finally do find a tribe, it hits different. I believe I have; and, I’m not there yet. So there’s space for doubt and chances to curl up and quit.

But God sees me and He is not as kind as I think. He is kinder than that.

So I was thinking about distance and considering – that’s why people have second homes. Because sometimes you need distance to decompress before you can get to the rest.

It’s good that I notice and am aware of the roamer in me that seems to always want to be somewhere else after a while; but there’s a healthy way to honor and indulge that. It’s called vacation, ha. Other people do it all the time.

As I’ve been pressing into what the next season(s) of my life could look like, and where I belong, I’m thinking that the specific location may not be what I initially thought; and surprisingly, I don’t mind. Because sometimes I just need to drive. I understand motorcyclists more now, and truckers … I actually worked as a dispatcher for exactly 4 days recently, ha.

Behind the wheel of my Subaru with the cabin controlled hum of cozy summer air conditioning, and purposefully curated playlists, my heart comes alive in ways it doesn’t walking or being at home. I need miles on the road, as troubadours tend to.

Like many American elementary school students in the 1900s {ha}, field trips were a highlight of a ‘quarter’. I always appreciated and felt seen by my mom’s sacrifices and intentionality to make sure I had a spiffy packed lunch and a few dollars to spend at the gift shops. When I was the youngest, she sometimes chaperoned the trips as well. In my twenties, day trips continued to be a refreshing respite from the comforting monotony of every day life.

As I’ve leaned more into my artistry and what it looks like to serve the Lord with gladness for the abundance of all things – with His full permission to enjoy my life, and understanding that my whole life is an art and a process – the refreshingness of rest, the responsibility to cultivate unexpected holiday muses, and the work of hunting for fresh inspiration are becoming a bit more integrated … the grace-era Sabbath that I think God has had in mind for us all along.

This day was a collection of such moments.

I got some good nuggets on the road that day, and discovered a lingering desire in my heart that I thought had been uprooted. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to patiently explore it with the Lord and with compassion for my younger, current, and future selves … without attaching the weight of my life to an outcome. So often what I have asked God for in place of what I actually desire is the instant relief of mere closure instead.

There’s something about God beckoning you to meet Him someplace for fellowship and times of refreshing in His presence that nourishes your soul like nothing else. Thanks to the recent generosities of family members and my four-day stint as a dispatcher, I was able to follow-through with meeting Him in Mooresville, specifically as I had felt impressed to do.


Mooresville felt like Nashville to me … it has a similar energy, and a pent-up potential that has yet to be developed … the same aesthetic remnants of a bygone Americana era of hopeful industrialism, but with a not-yet-saturated cultural landscape … and really good coffee. When my friend Kristin hosted me in Nashville for Christmas, I remembered that she’s much more of an adventuring-vacationer, while I have tended to be less intentional about things once I get to where I’m going. I’m super stoked to plan a fun little itinerary for KL next time she comes to visit because I think she’d really enjoy exploring the area. ツ

my happy place ツ

After my bible & açai time at Palm Berries and coffee at the First Presbyterian Church, I headed over to Jetton Park on Lake Norman for a brief tuna salad croissant and olyra breakfast biscuit picnic.

North Carolina Music Hall of Fame

On a prior trip to the area, I discovered that the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame exists. As a fan of fast cars who got inordinately excited just passing by the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I appreciated the seemingly random combination of the Music Hall of Fame with the Curb Motorsports Museum. Evidently the owner, Mike Curb, and I have a shared appreciation for music and high mileage …

West Avenue Social District

Equally as pleasant a surprise as the inspiration I soaked in from the hall of fame was this accessibly developed area of downtown Kannapolis. After the museum, I was thinking I’d grab a quick afternoon situation from Local Patriot Roasting Co. and hit the road, but the gloriously uncrowded free parking lot of the West Avenue Social District delighted my soul and put me in the mood to traipse just a little bit longer.

Driving back eastward, a lightening bolt split the sky in front of me and a sudden southern downpour brought to mind the ways the clouds I grew up identifying seem to have been mysteriously replaced by manufactured-looking sheets of grey pulled over the sky. But that’s maybe a post for another time, ha. What also flashed across my memory was the bizarre sign on the random country Dollar General I pulled over to on my drive into Irdell County that said the store had been struck by lightening the night before and they could only take cash at the moment.

I think I thought that this tendency I have to stretch my soul across counties was a way to cope with pressure and stress. During this field trip I realized it’s simply one of the ways I digest existing. I have learned about myself that I need back roads and taking two hours to get somewhere I’m not sure of until I get there.

3 responses to “a day trip”

  1. Looks like such a nice trip! I’ve been thinking/dreaming/praying about a second home on the beach for when I need to get away–either to rest or to write. Of course, I’d need a first home, well, first (lol). Anyway, I’ve also been reminded lately of how often I stare at the same walls and walk on the same floors and how I, too, need to get away. Thankfully, I have a little overnight trip coming up. Hopefully it will refresh me, but I’m almost certain my spirit needs something a bit longer.

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