Updates from the Pine Forest Jungle Island community.


Bar-Jonah & Colorado Kariv, and their Pfji Portetowne lakeside cottage.

Colorado Blend, daughter of Tomás & Montaine Blend {renown coffee roaster and business tycoon, respectively} recently married Bar-Jonah Kariv, middle child of FloraMailyn & Jonah Kariv {owners of Jonah Kariv’s community pool in Pfji Portetowne} in an intimate ceremony at The Grove Cove Inn.


Ethan Inland {middle son of Benni & Timothy Inland} and wife, Casa Luz Inland {eldest daughter of Damion & Sparkle Seafarer} welcome their first daughter, Leah Inland.

Mitch & Linea Indie welcome their first son, Vyctore Indie!

Tessa & Tem Ventura welcome their second child, Berkeley Ventura! Adrian is stoked to be a big brother.

Timber Cash Inland, grandson of Pfji’s founding couples {Alyzabeth & Andrew Cash, and Benni & Timothy Inland} and his wife Patrice {daughter of Makayla & Derrick Goldstar} welcome Galilee Inland, their first child and the Island’s first 4th generation sim!


Alan Inland’s Garden is thriving! He has more fruits and vegetables than he knows what to do with, but is sure the abundance will be put to good use as his wife, Gemma embarks on her culinary career. Feel free to stop by for a basket of veggies and a taste of Gemma’s Kitchen.

Linea Indie & Ashley Cooler have both unlocked the ability to create tulip and wildflower arrangements for the beautification of their personal homes, and to share with family & friends. What arrangements remain to be arranged? Peruse the next Pfji Community Gazette to find out!


The Cooler kids, children of aspiring military general Strength Cooler and his wildflower arranging wife, Ashley have arrived at Académie Le Space Station University laden with athletic and academic scholarships. Eldest daughter, Brenda {far left} will be joining Azule Seafarer {not pictured} in the academy’s elite athletic program.

With the support of his wife, Elianah {aspiring education prime minister and favorite/only aunt of Patrice Inland né Goldstar}, local eccentric clothing designer and toymaker, Margianno Tailors has developed a new train model to be sold at his toy store, Marggiano’s on the big island. Stop by to tinker with his creations and take some family photos in the booth on the porch!

Architect turned video game designer, John Henry Reel & his studious wife, Temeirra {youngest daughter of FloraMailyn & Jonah Kariv} have successfully established an attractive new dog breed. Pups from the first litter have made a fun addition to three Pfji community families.

Enrique Styymaker, formerly delinquent son of Matthew & Andrea Styymaker cleans up his act, and follows the family’s footsteps into the classical music arena in preparation to take over management of his parents’ concert hall. {Pictured below playing chess with his mother, Andrea in the piano room of his new home in Pfji Portetowne.}


Benaiah & Jeweleyette Inland recently celebrated their golden anniversary with friends & family in their coastal home! Jewelyette has since decided to sell her art gallery and Benaiah has retired from his service in the Pfji community police force. They remain active and creative citizens, and are excited for the arrival of their granddaughter, Galilee!


It’s Fall on Pfji and we have the perfect cozy home to capture the island’s golden-hour charm. You may know Richard & Rubertah Janeen for their contribution to the community’s naturopathic medical and environmental scientific developments, but they are quite the style-savvy couple! Their steep 3-level cliff home has been awarded the Architectural Digest feature in this season’s Pine Forest Jungle Island Community Gazette. Enjoy!

An honorable mention to all the other Pine Forest Jungle Islanders, Pfji Portetowne residents, and Académie students who are making it their aim to live peaceable and quiet lives. !Sim Salúd!


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