some things i’ve said before

About a week ago, I was super stoked to have finally gotten this blog space to accomplish what I’d had in my heart … an aesthetic integration of my prose, and a landing place for my lyrics and hot-off-the-press song shares.

Enter, a coding bug. Evidently, there’s some sort of glitch in the template I’ve been working with, and “no estimated timeframe for when this issue will be fixed.” Unfortunately, this means that some of the specifications and intentionally formatted posts across this space may now appear wonky. I’ve neither the time nor inclination to go through and try to re-customize those things with the ‘work around’ that was suggested to me.

Refreshingly, I’m really not that pressed. To the contrary, I’m pleased to have shed another layer of perfectionism along the way. 🙂

My domain and upgraded wordpress subscription were up for renewal, regardless, and I’ve decided to try something different for this next season. I won’t be renewing the domain,; so as an FYI, I think it will default back to

I’m not exactly sure what it will look like, but I’m thinking I may focus my posting on Reddit. Having both a user profile {u/rebekkahtheband} and a distinct ‘community’ {r/rebekkahtheband} seems like a simple way to keep sharing the long words and lifestyle photos I need to get out, while also having an official, from-the-source space to share the lyrics and stories of the songs I release.

My music is available on most streaming platforms, including Youtube, and I intend to keep publishing images via VSCO. You’re invited to keep up with the stories and the music in whatever way works for you. I’ll probably keep this space open and available although the customized domain will soon expire. I’m looking forward to still reading the posts and perusing the photos of other WordPressers from time to time!

It’s a strange thing to have so little control over the virtual spaces we become attached to, but it’s always a good reminder of where real life happens, and what it looks like to engage with the people God puts us in physical proximity to.

Thanks for a fun almost-8-years of mitteilungsbedürfnis via WordPress.

Take heart,

2 responses to “some things i’ve said before”

  1. Change is good (still convincing my self lol). I’m still learning not to hold so tightly to places and spaces that can change without my consent… “go with the flow,” as the people say. Hoping you find the space that meets your needs best! 🙂

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