the music i make

one of the fun roles i get to live in life is a songstress.

it is effort and ease

lovely and lonely

and increasingly indistinguishable from all the other components that comprise my feminine humanity.

it is the almond extract in the brownie of me . . . the pure vanilla in a classic batch of chocolate chip cookies . . . the seemingly unnecessary essence without which i would not develop full flavor.

when i finally stopped fighting it, i made much more sense.

i recently had the task and privilege of recording my debut studio EP: a collection of five stories written over the course of struggle and joy and miraculously healed heartache . . . recorded, mixed, and mastered in sixteen formative hours during the great “lockdown” of covid-19.

i hope you enjoy it.

surf city, nc | november 2019 | also the cover of Lifter of My Head

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